LST’s 2013 review and plans for 2014

2013 started quietly for me, until May I concentrated on completing my MA dissertation on the use of CAT tools to translate business texts. In May I also attended the excellent ITI Conference ( which reinforced my belief in the importance of networking and gave me the opportunity to meet people I have admired for a long time.

In the second half of the year, having received my MA, I decided to concentrate on Continuing Professional Development in my areas of specialisation since I am mostly self-taught in these areas and I felt it was important to get some ‘formal’ education. I attended a number of webinars and courses in a range of subjects relating to business and tourism including An Introduction to Financial Accounting (, a very interesting and challenging course which I am pleased to say I passed.

Overall 2013 was a successful year for LST. I worked on many interesting projects, including some in an area which was completely new to me – international development, and found new clients who understand the challenges involved in translation. In 2014 I intend to maintain my focus on building my knowledge in my specialist areas and hope to attend more industry-specific events. For example, I plan on attending the International Conference on Economic, Business, Financial and Institutional Translation at the University of Alicante in May ( which I hope will give me the opportunity to learn from experts and meet more translators who have similar specialisations to myself.


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