5 Translation blogs anyone thinking of becoming a freelance translator needs to read

5 of the best translation blogs for newbies to the profession

Below is a short list of the translation blogs which helped me when I was setting up my business.

Business School for Translators: http://wantwords.co.uk/school/
Written by Marta Stelmaszak, a legal and marketing translator from English into Polish. This excellent blog discusses every aspect of marketing yourself as a freelance translator from getting started to establishing yourself as an expert in your specialist field.

Translation Times: http://translationtimes.blogspot.co.uk/
Written by translating twins, Judy and Dagmar Jenner, this comprehensive and well-written blog deals with all aspects of working as a translator and/or interpreter for direct clients.

Marketing Tips for Translators: http://marketingtipsfortranslators.com/archive/blog/
Written by Tess Whitty, an English-Swedish translator. As the name suggests, this blog discusses all things marketing and includes interviews with experienced translators. An invaluable resource for both newbie and more experienced translators.

Thoughts on Translation: http://thoughtsontranslation.com/
Written by Corinne McKay, an English into French translator. This blog contains some excellent posts on the ethical dilemmas faced by freelance translators such as listing your clients’ details on marketing materials.

Mox’s Blog: http://mox.ingenierotraductor.com/
Written by Alejandro Moreno-Ramos, a freelance English & French to (European) Spanish translator, this blog is a series of cartoons which take a light-hearted look at life as a freelance translator. A great distraction after a stressful day.

This list is not conclusive, there are many excellent translation blogs out there. But these five will give you a realistic idea of what life as a freelance translator is like.


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  1. Beatrice Hendon

    This is very helpful. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Charlie

    Hi Louise and thanks for sharing these useful translation blogs. I also found helpful this website http://l10nhub.com/ which has many interesting and fresh news, articles about the translation world, including localization, translation and more. Thought that it’s worth to mention.

    1. Louise Souter (Post author)

      Thanks, Charlie. I’ll check that out.

  3. Mike Stellar

    Thanks for sharing this amazing blogs. all are very useful for professional translation.I have one more interesting blog on yourself as a translator http://www.migrationtranslators.com.au/blog/how-to-market-yourself-as-a-translator/


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