What is an expert translator?

Many blogs and articles talk about translators positioning themselves as experts (see http://wantwords.co.uk/school/blog/). However is it possible for a translator to become as knowledgeable in their specialist field that they feel confident enough to call themselves an expert? And if so how do they achieve this level of specialisation?

Expert translators constantly update their subject knowledge

One thing is clear: when it comes to translating language skills are not enough. Many translators choose their specialisation based on their previous employment. Others only have professional experience working with languages and therefore have to acquire subject knowledge while they work. The latter situation is why continuing professional development (CPD) is so important. It is essential for an expert translator to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in their specialist fields. This often involves doing online courses, attending webinars and reading trade journals. Many translators also find it beneficial to do practice translations when they are not busy with client work.

They only work on texts they feel comfortable with

I have stated before on this blog that a translator who works on technology texts is probably not the right person to discuss a legal text with. However, I have also spoken to translators who have taken on jobs they thought they could manage only to find themselves out of their depth. This is why an expert will always ask to see a text before they agree to work on it. Expert translator

They do research and consult other experts

Many people who do not have experience of the translation industry do not realise the amount of research that is required to translate a text. A translator should have in-depth knowledge of the subject they are translating. However, they will often have to consult several resources and other experts in the field to find the exact terminology required in a particular situation.

They manage client expectations and tell them if these are not realistic

There have been many advances in technology which help the translator. Even so, it is not always possible to turn out polished translations of long, complicated texts within twenty-four hours. The expert translator will look at a text and discuss the client’s requirements with them before establishing a realistic deadline.


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