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French & Spanish to English Corporate Translations

I am a French and Spanish into English corporate communications copywriter and translator based in Glasgow in the United Kingdom.

Corporate Communication & Tourism Translations

I help companies who specialise in international trade or tourism and are looking to do business abroad. I do this by conveying their company’s message in stylistically and culturally appropriate language so that they are able to extend their services to a global audience.

Benefits of working with Louise Souter Translations

Working with me will:

  • help increase your sales
  • build your business’s reputation with potential clients
  • make sure the translation process runs smoothly

I have extensive experience translating the following from French and Spanish into English:

  • annual reports (including financial records)
  • brochures
  • contracts
  • international development reports
  • press releases
  • travel and tourism guides

I also offer the following services:

  • Copywriting in English
  • Editing of French/Spanish into English texts and monolingual English texts
  • Proofreading of French/Spanish into English texts and monolingual English texts

This expertise means that you can be sure that your texts will convey the same message in English as they did in the original language. My work with business documents in my previous roles means that your translations will always use the appropriate language. I have worked in France and Spain. This experience has allowed me to obtain a high level of language fluency and cultural knowledge. Therefore I am able to make sure that your translations are culturally appropriate.

Experience & Translation Services Provided

  • Annual Reports
  • Corporate Communications
  • Financial Reports
  • International Development
  • Brochures
  • Contracts
  • Tourism Guides
  • Press Releases


Your company’s message stylishly rendered into English using the appropriate terminology for your intended readers


Checking the content of the English text to ensure that it conveys the same message as the French or Spanish text, the ideas are expressed clearly and logically, and that the text as a whole makes sense


Checking over the English text in finer detail after the editing stage, to detect errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar and format

Things I will discuss with you before a project:

  • When do you need the translation?
  • Why do you need the translation?
  • Who is the intended reader?

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