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As the festive period ends our thoughts turn back to work and, in many cases, how to grow our businesses and further develop our specialisations through continuing professional development. I would like to discuss the types of CPD business courses available and their relevance to translators, especially those of us who specialise in finance.


Useful business courses for translators

In the past few years, I’ve taken several business CPD courses including “An Introduction to Financial Accounting” ( and “Financial Markets” ( Both of these courses were very well taught and provided the ideal opportunity to learn new terminology and do relevant research. “An Introduction to Financial Accounting” outlined in detail the terminology and layout of annual reports. “Financial Markets” provided an in-depth discussion of how financial regulations have changed as a result of the recent economic crisis. Both topics are of vital importance to the work of financial translators.

Introduction to Financial Accounting Certificate

Financial Markets Certificate









Business courses that aren’t so useful for translators

However, not all business courses offered online are so useful to translators. Many of these courses are free and are aimed at a wide section of society, and in many cases, all levels of education. As a result, they have to focus on what the majority of the general population would want to learn. Therefore many of them focus on how to do the financial calculations to establish whether or not a particular investment is worthwhile. While such calculations may be of interest to some translators, you need to establish what you want to get out of a particular course before you sign up for it. This is something I’ve learnt at my own expense.

What’s your experience with online business courses? How did you choose the courses which were most suitable for you?



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