All freelance translators have to do marketing to find clients, something which many of us struggle with. This struggle isn’t helped by the fact that most marketing advice is unsuitable for solo entrepreneurs in general and translators in particular.


It’s aimed at large companies

A lot of marketing advice is aimed at large companies that have a marketing department and a large marketing budget. Therefore most of the ideas suggested are too time-consuming and/or costly for solo entrepreneurs.

Marketing for translators

It’s too location-specific

Most marketing advice tends to assume your clients or customers live and work in your local area and often suggests you compare your business to that of nearby competitors. This is particularly true when it comes to most advice on search engine optimisation (SEO) where you’re regularly advised to use your location as a keyword. As a result, many translators turn to other translators when it comes to SEO and marketing advice which will attract international clients.


Useful sources of marketing advice for translators

Despite this, there are still many good sources of marketing advice for translators. Below is a list of some of the websites I have found useful

– Get Clients Now:

– Marta Stelmaszak:

– Marketing Tips for Translators:

– Jo Rourke:

– Thoughts on Translation:



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