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Louise Souter Translation Services

Do you want to expand your business to the international market but are unsure of the language and cultural barriers involved? As a provider of translation and copywriting services, I can help you plan your next move by translating or writing your brochures, company reports and press releases. I provide translations from French and Spanish into English or monolingual English copy which will help you build your international client list.

Your company’s reputation is everything. Do not let poor, unidiomatic translations tarnish it.


How I became a translator and copywriter

2000 – After working in administration and travelling around Europe I attended the University of Aberdeen in the United Kingdom.

2002 – I studied in Belgium, France and Mexico during the compulsory year abroad for my degree.

2005 – I graduated from the University of Aberdeen in the United Kingdom with a Master of Arts (Honours) in French and Hispanic Studies (2:1) in 2005.

2006 – After finishing university I returned to administration work in order to improve my business skills, taking on several temporary roles in Glasgow and Paris.

2007 – My love of languages led me into teaching English as a foreign language and after completing a CELTA qualification I worked with several language academies in Madrid, Spain. While I was there a contact I met through teaching asked me to translate an annual report for him and as a result, he became my first client as a translator.

2009 – I returned to the UK to concentrate on my work as a freelance French and Spanish to English translator

2011 – In order to learn about the translation industry from the client’s perspective, I completed a student placement with The Translation People in Glasgow. my duties included proofreading and typesetting texts and carrying out short business translations using Trados.

2013 – I received my Master of Arts in Translation Studies (with Merit) from the University of Portsmouth.

2018 – I gained my copywriting diploma.

I have taken several courses and webinar on a range of subjects relating to translation, editing, corporate communications and tourism. A complete record of my Continuing Professional Development can be found here: CPD RECORD


My memberships and translation accreditations

I am an Associate Member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI). I am also a qualified copywriter, having completed the College of Media and Publishing Copywriting Diploma.

Associate Member of the Instiute of Translation and Interpreting



Client testimonial

What were your concerns prior to working with me?

“I was worried about a translator’s abilities to adapt to our tone and our way of speaking to our clients, and to produce effective, thought-provoking copy which perfectly captures the values of our company. I was also concerned about whether you would be able to produce a text in American English.”

What, specifically, was your favourite part of the translation process?

“Your speed and professionalism: you always send the documents on time. Also, your approach-ability and flexibility when we discussed changes to the text after the first translation.”

If you were to recommend my services to a colleague, what would you say?

“I would recommend Louise as a professional who provides a prompt and quality service.”

Severine Lacroix
Co-founder and CEO of Aguila


What this means for you:

Working with me will:

  • help increase your sales
  • build your business’s reputation with potential clients
  • make sure the translation or copywriting process runs smoothly

My work with business documents in my previous administration roles means that your translations and copy will always use the appropriate language.

The experience gained working in French and Spanish speaking countries has allowed me to obtain a high level of language fluency and cultural knowledge which will help to make sure that your translations and copy are culturally appropriate.


How my translation services work

  1. You contact me via, email, Skype, telephone or the contact form on this website to discuss your translation or copywring project.
  2. We discuss details such as the language combination, subject matter, timescale, why the translation or copy is needed and your preferred document format.
  3. I send you a quote.
  4. After you sign the quote I will begin work.
  5. The texts I translate or write will always be edited and proofread.
  6. I will send you the completed project for review.
  7. If you do not have any questions after 5 working days I will send my invoice.


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