Five Things French and Spanish Hotels Should Know About the UK Market

• The British love France and Spain as destinations.
• Very few British people speak or understand French or Spanish.
• If your Facebook and Twitter posts are written in French or Spanish most Brits won’t understand them.
• If they can’t understand your hotel’s posts, they won’t follow you on social media.
• If your hotel doesn’t post in English, they may assume that you don’t speak it and might not book with you in case they experience language barriers.

Of course, Facebook and Twitter have translation features, but you may have found them to be less than perfect. At times the translations can be as difficult to understand as the original French or Spanish post.

So, what’s the answer? If you regularly promote your business on social media, it would be too expensive to pay a translator for every update. That’s why Louise Souter Translations offers a unique service that allows you to post in fluent English at a fraction of the cost you’d expect.

Simply plan all your social media ahead of time, supply it all together by email in Spanish and you could have a whole year’s content in fluent English for as little as €4.50 per post or several years content for as little as €1 per post. It could be all the difference between you getting the business instead of your competitors.

But, you may ask, how can you plan your social media content so far ahead?

Social media translation offer for hotels

It’s actually easier than it sounds. Here are some tips:

• Write posts on things you can predict like local annual events that attract visitors.
• Write posts on attractions like beaches and scenery that are accessible all year round.
• Even if you don’t know specifics you can plan special offers ahead of time and easily amend details like prices and dates when you’ve made up your mind.
• Write posts that you can use again and again year after year but accompany each repost with a different photo. People won’t necessarily realise that you’re using the same text. For a low one-off fee, you could have English language posts to last you for several years.



The cost per post gets lower the more posts you need translating.

1 social media post of up to 50 words – €25
2 social media posts of up to 50 words each – €45
3 social media posts of up to 50 words each – €60
4 social media posts of up to 50 words each – €75
5 social media posts of up to 50 words each – €85
10 social media posts of up to 50 words each – €125
20 social media posts of up to 50 words each – €150
40 social media posts of up to 50 words each – €250

Interested? Then contact me for more information.

You’ll be talking to your English-speaking customers fluently in a very short time.


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