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In June, I completed the Expert in SEO & SEA Localization and Content Creation (II Edition) course by TranslaStars.


Why I wanted to take an SEO translation course

As a translator of web copy, I felt that there was a gap in my knowledge when it came to localization and search engine optimisation (SEO). I knew about them in theory, but I struggled when it came to practice. Expert in SEO & SEA Localization and Content Creation came highly recommended by other marketing translators. Also, apart from copywriting courses, all my skills in marketing translation were learnt on the job, so I welcomed the chance to get some formal training and compare my experience with other marketing translators.

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An outline of Expert in SEO & SEA Localization and Content Creation

The twenty-hour course is taught over two working weeks. It is divided into three sections, which are taught by experts in marketing translation. Days 1 to 3 focus on SEO – ranking factors, keyword research and best practices. Days 4 to 6 look at SEO copywriting – how to create copy that appeals to people as well as search engines and how different content writing techniques can support your SEO strategy. Days 7 to 9 discuss search engine advertising (SEA) – how to write copy for Google ads that both attracts clients and obeys Google’s rules. Each section includes some theory about the topic and then moves on to practical exercises. These exercises included keyword mapping and writing a Google Ad, as well as editing an existing blog article to make it more relevant to its subject and increase its chances of being ranked by search engines. Day 10 concludes the course by summing everything up and providing additional opportunities to practice our newly acquired skills.

Most of my fellow students were marketing translators who already knew the basics of SEO or SEA, but the course would be suitable for anyone, regardless of previous experience.


What I got from the course

What made this course stand out for me was the time devoted to practical exercises. I appreciated the chance to carry out SEO tasks in a safe environment and receive feedback on my progress. My main takeaway was that because we learnt the secrets involved in writing good Google Ads, I no longer find them frustrating.

Overall, I would say that this course not only teaches you about SEO/SEA translation but also how to explain what is involved to your clients.


Benefits for my clients

Having taken this course, I now feel more confident optimising my website translations for SEO. I also have a greater understanding of how to manage SEO copywriting tasks – writing articles and blogs that search engines will rank but which still sound natural to human readers.


Final thoughts

When I signed up for Expert in SEO, I was unsure about how much a twenty-hour course could teach me. However, the course is so well organised that I now feel confident offering services such as SEO content creation, SEA copywriting and localisation to my clients.

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