How to Succeed at Annual Business Report Translation

Business Report Translation

As the financial year comes to an end many companies are thinking about the preparation of their annual reports. As well as writing these reports, if your company operates in several countries you may have to get these reports translated. But what does annual report translation involve?

What makes annual business report translation unique?

Annual reports use a specific language and tone and the layout often varies from country to country. An experienced translator will take this into account. They will carry out any necessary research to make sure the report does not read like a translation. This is why human translators are better than machine translations such as Google Translate for this type of work.

Freelance translator versus translation agency

If you need the report translated into several languages you might prefer working with a translation agency since they will organise the project. If you only need the report in one or two more languages, working with individual translators might prove more efficient and cost-effective. Working with a translator means that you can speak to them directly to resolve any queries without involving a third party. An individual translator will be able to give you a realistic deadline for the translation. Some agencies split larger projects between translators to get them done faster. However, this may result in the use of varying terminology.

Key parts of the annual reportHow to Succeed at Annual Report Translation by Louise Souter Translations

Annual reports often start with the Chairman’s Report. This is a letter which outlines the major events that have taken place within the company in the past year. The Auditor’s Report outlines the corporate governance of a company. This is typically followed by the Financial Statements which comprise the Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow Statement. The balance sheet lists the company’s total assets and liabilities at a particular date. The income statement lists a company’s profits or losses during the financial period, while the cash flow statement lists the company’s inflows and outflows of cash and “cash equivalents” during the financial period.[i]


Important terms in annual report translation


Le rapport annuel

Le rapport du commaissaire aux comptes

Le bilan

Le tableau de financement

Le rapport du président

Le rapport de entreprise

Les états financiers

Le compte de résultat


Annual report

Auditor’s report

Balance sheet

Cash flow statement

Chairman’s report

Company report

Financial statements

Income statement


El informe anual

El informe de auditoría

El balance de situación

El estado de flujo de caja

El informe del presidente del consejo de administración

El informe de empresa

Los estados financieros

La cuenta de pérdidas y ganancias


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[i] All definitions taken from Oxford Dictionary Of Accounting.

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